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What is Money?


Our world revolves around money. We think about it every day. It is the lifeblood of our existence and survival.

We value it for our everyday lifestyle needs like housing, food, travel, and mobile technology. Yet it’s strikingly ephemeral, often having its way with us.

Welcome to the groundbreaking “What Is Money” project. The intent of this endeavor is to explore the mysterious nature of money and the dynamics that shape its global significance and utility across cultures & societies.


What is money project

We find ourselves immensely curious about the dynamics of money in all of its beauty and uncertainty. We share the belief that while we use money every day, few of us really understand it. Through our efforts, we hope to change this narrative.


Money Mondays podcast

Money Monday’s is the weekly podcast series featuring world-class thought leaders and stimulating content. Each episode will examine a new theme around our everyday experiences with money, along with its history, evolution, and future.


We “put our money where our mouth is” by roving the streets of San Diego. Our objective was to capture perspectives from people we randomly stopped by asking them the simple (yet nuanced) question:

“What Is Money?”