Christine Mansour, creator and curator of the  What is Money Project

Christine Mansour, creator and curator of the What is Money Project

Personal Background: I’m curious. I’m very curious. And I’m especially curious about how this world functions, particularly in the realm of psychology and economics, which I studied during my undergrad at Harvard. I want to learn how people view money, why it is oftentimes a touchy and emotional subject for some, how different types and versions of money have developed, along with people’s perspectives of this development and usage. And I want to learn about all of this across as many industries and fields of life as possible. This thirst for breadth is convenient for me, because I have so many hobbies I can barely keep track of them all. I've always had a wide array of interests, which has allowed me to pursue many different knowledge paths, and it is especially complementary to my work as a freelance videographer.

How it began: After I had quit my job and was trying to launch a business (that ended up failing), I was in a dark place; the anxiety hit me like a wall - I was seeing my bank account drop each day without any sustainable source of income rushing in, like I had gotten used to during my 9-5. I was working odd jobs to just barely cover the bills, like bartending, instructing surf, freelance media, and any gig I could get my hands on. One day, while I was extra low and desperate to find a way to create a sustainable revenue stream for myself by NOT working for the man, I literally searched “What is Money” into Google, and a ton of weird, irrelevant sources came up. I recall becoming frustrated about why there wasn’t a straight forward, candid online source I could engage with so I could learn more about the mysterious, emotionally ridden, and sometimes evasive nature of money. It was in this moment that I realized that I wanted to create a platform, a central and inclusive source, and a tool that I could use to interview cool and interesting people around the world and learn about their perspectives of money.

Welcome to the What is Money Project, an inclusive multimedia platform where I explore the concept of money in a vast variety of realms, where the intent is to share what I’ve learned with you in hopes of creating a more open and direct conversation about money.