WIM Episode 15: Shawn Owen & Sten Wie, Owner/CEO & COO of Equa Start

Sten Wie is the COO of a recently formed company called EQUA Start. Sten joined the EQUA Start team with the goal of combining his passion for problem solving with technology in order to revolutionize the way agreements are managed. His hope is that by simplifying the creation, and execution of agreements that businesses will achieve greater levels of success by spending more time on their product.

Shawn Owen is the CEO of EQUA Start. As a serial entrepreneur Shawn has learned many lessons on how and why businesses succeed and fail. His conclusion is that organizations fail when agreements between owners, employees, vendors and customers are flawed. As a result, Shawn created EQUA Start, with the goal of empowering business owners with tools to reduce friction and maximize consent between parties.  

Episode Takeaways:

·      Shawn’s definition of money: money has changed over time with education and experience – his definition of money is a subjective belief that is very abstract – it feels like an emotional experience. On another level, it’s tangible, essentially stored value that provides a common ground of how to interact. It’s an energy and belief in that energy – a means, not an end

·      Sten’s definition of money: he has a long history of hating money from being in debt. Now he thinks of it as a promise of liberty and ownership of your time – money allows you to access the lifestyle you desire

·      Shawn’s mindset change: he started with a scarcity mindset, but once he learned more about money and its uses, he started to shift to an abundant mindset. There is a balance though, some scarcity mindset is healthy.

·      Shawn and Sten’s thoughts about the shift in money:

o   Sten: we’re going to continue to see a shift towards more digital and centralized money systems leveraged via the power of mathematics

o   Shawn: he views it more through the accounting/agreement lens – he believes that the velocity of money transfer will increase, with better and cleaner records.

·      Go to www.Equastart.com to check out their business – their goal is to create an ever evolving platform to assist humans in solving each others’ differences in a corporate setting.