WIM Episode 13: Araceli Collazo, Singer/Songwriter & cultural promoter of Mexican-American Decent

Araceli Collazo is an international, independent singer, songwriter, music producer, performer and cultural promoter of Mexican-American decent.

For the past 13 years, she has been Leader, Voice and Founding Member of Paloma Negra, a world music project founded in Sacramento, California (USA) in 2006. She is a Founding Member and Associate of Semilla Creativa Coop, a one-of-a-kind Coop formally and legally established back in 2014 in Monterrey, Mexico. Additionally she is a Certified Holistic Energy Practitioner and Trainer in The Balance Procedure and other healing modalities.

Chronologically, she is the 10th child and survivor of a family of 14, (12 children and two parents). She grew up, was raised and went to school in California in the USA and has lived some seasons between the USA and México. She is married to Visual Artist, Saul Escobedo, and is the mother of two boys in West Los Angeles.

Episode Takeaways:

·      She believes that money is an illusion – it’s both tangible/intangible, objective/subjective. Money is a frequency – we have to align with it and learn to love it on a deeper level

·      When she was younger, she experienced a fear of money because she lacked understanding of how it worked.

·      Once we take personal responsibility and learn more about money, we will start to develop a better relationship with it.

·      Something that you can do today: take a look at what went on in your life and analyze the life you live and try to understand the circumstance – there is always a chance to rewrite your money perspective

·      To find Araceli and her music, search her name, Araceli Collazo, on Instagram, facebook, youtube, and send her a message if you’d like to chat with her!