WIM Episode 14: Christian Johnson, Venture Capitalist for Minorities

Christian Johnson is the co-founder of MultiPass & MultiPass Ventures. He turned his passions for entrepreneurship & urban innovation into a thriving company that operates and partners with innovation hubs, venture capital firms, accelerators to help companies start, grow and scale.

Johnson is a US Army veteran, former St. Louis police officer, and community leader. Prior to MultiPass he founded Serving with the Badge, a non-profit dedicated to building relationships between police and the community. In 2016, St. Louis Business Journal selected Johnson for the 30 Under 30 Award.

Episode Takeaways:

·      He went from being in the military and spending all his money, to being a police officer in Kansas during the Michael Brown shooting, to being a Venture Capitalist and managing other people’s money, and through that process he has learned so much

·      While he was a police officer, he created the “porchlight project”, which was a program to distribute energy efficient light bulbs to neighborhoods to fight crime

·      He is passionate about helping under privileged, minorities, and women be successful in the startup realm – he’s started legacy building by creating collaborative work spaces

·      His definition of money is a tool to empowerment – he is constantly trying to figure out how he can deploy capital to company founders and make an impact

·      His advice is to invest in different asset classes, i.e. crowd funding, Robinhood app (link), Acorns (link)

·      You can find his company at multitastventures.com and they’re on Facebook and Twitter