WIM Video Analysis of "Taking it to the Streets: Episode #3"

Key Takeaways:

People were either taken aback, visibly uncomfortable, confused, proud, or just very transparent and open about how much they make.

These reactions were very interesting to experience first hand. When we asked the question, “How much money do you make”, we did not offer any lead up questions or background - we wanted people’s pure and raw reactions, which you’ll see in the video. We felt a bit uncomfortable at first, since it is not a question that is typically asked in a conversation with a stranger. It was a great experience to push through our comfort zones and engage others to do the same.

People who were very transparent and open, regardless of how much they said they made, were very comfortable with discussing their income. They seemed refreshed that they were able to discuss this topic with people they’ve never met before. This reaction is of course contrasted with people who were taken aback by our question - they were more startled and offered no insight into how much they were making.

Regardless of whether people were making 8K a year or 120K a year, those who stated their income were open and transparent, and had a sense of pride. What is the difference between these people and people who were almost offended when they were asked?

The next video will dive deeper into understanding why talking about money is so difficult and uncomfortable for some.